CMPS 280S: Applied Programming Languages

Date Topic Presenter Food Organizer Short Description Papers
19/04/12 Security/Obfuscation Maxwell Dr. Arden Virtualisation-Based JavaScript Obfuscation  
19/04/19 Decent Application Platform Haofan Dr. Arden a framework for building secure decentralized applications NA
19/04/26 Solver-Aided Languages Aldrin Roy Rosette is a framework for designing SALs Growing SAL with Rosette
19/05/03 Verification of Distributed Systems Priyanka Ana Synchronous Verification of Asynchronous Distributed Programs Program Verif
19/05/10 Static Program Analysis Tuan Priyanka Surviving Out-of-Gas Conditions in Ethereum Smart Contracts MadMax
19/05/17 Modeling Agents with Probabilistic Programs Sohum Tuan & Roy Languages For Agents Modeling Agenst
19/05/24 (?)
Modular safety and security
Nikos Vasilakis Tuan Bio and Abstract LWeb
19/05/31 Information Flow Security Ana Tuan A framework for enforcing label-based, information flow policies in database  
19/06/07 TBA Roy      

Extra Resources

2019-04-26 Solver-Aided Languages on Rosette

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